Our sustainable development policy

Our engagement

Wattwiller’s commitment is to offer the best natural product to its actual consumers and to the future generations: an extremely pure mineral water. In order to preserve this exceptional natural heritage, we established a sustainable development policy.


The sustainable management of the resources

To provide for our consumers of today and tomorrow an extremely pure mineral water of the same quality, we guarantee a high protection of our natural resources. The spring area is preserved from any risks of pollution (the use of fertilizers, pesticides… are forbidden). Moreover, we only use a small fraction of the renewable part of the aquifer in order to protect such a precious resource.




The reduction of the environmental impact

In 20 years, we reduced the weight of our bottles by 20% while maintaining a sufficient rigidity. All our materials are 100% recyclable, whether they are PET or glass bottlers, or plastic and cardboard packaging. Within the company, all the materials needed to run our factory are sorted and recycled: paper, cardboard, glass, plastics, etc.


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Our social responsibility

We support team success and the improvement of each individual skills and abilities. The well-being of every member of the company is very important for SPADEL (from which Les Grandes Sources de Wattwiller is affiliated to) which is working to obtain in 2015 the “Great Place to Work” seal of approval. A satisfaction survey is lead every 2 years among the SPADEL group employees in order to get their feedback and always improve their working conditions. Wattwiller is also involved in the local community and support associations and events that take place in the local area.



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