Very low salt content

A water with very low salt content

According to a report published by the French national institute for health and medical research (INSERM), each French person consumes an average of 10g of salt per day, whereas the French Academy of Medicine estimates that nutritional requirements do not exceed 3g of salt per day.

When salt is consumed in reasonable quantities it is not harmful: it is actually vital for the human body. However, our diet had changed considerably over the last century. Our everyday meals are saltier (ready-cooked meals, meats coated in breadcrumbs, cold meats, crisps, bread, cheeses, sauces, etc.) since salt is used as a flavour enhancer.

So it is best not to add more salt with the water we drink, especially when it is necessary to reduce our salt consumption. This is particularly the case when choosing an aerated mineral water, because certain types of aerated waters can be very salty.

When Wattwiller sparkling mineral water is renowned for its purity, its salt content is also very low (0.003g/l, one of the lowest levels of sodium on the market). This low salt content is what gives to Wattwiller this unique taste making it so popular.



Wattwiller is working with the FRHTA to reduce salt consumption in France.

The FRHTA is a French foundation, set up in 2006 with the aim of defining, promoting and funding research into high blood pressure and related diseases. These research activities will be conducted with reference to fundamental, clinical and/or epidemiological studies carried out on humans and animal. The intention is for these activities to be part and parcel of a multi-disciplinary approach, involving specialists in fields such as cardiology, internal medicine, diabetology, nephrology, pharmacology, etc.



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