Water for babies

Babies are inherently vulnerable and special care must be taken to meet their needs. To prepare feeding bottles, and for hydration, it is important to use water that has appropriate mineral characteristics. In France, the natural mineral water of Wattwiller is recommended for a daily consumption by babies.


Why should I Choose a water with low mineral content for my baby?

A baby’s immune system and kidneys are still immature. This is why a very pure water, without too much mineral content, is required for new-born babies. By choosing Wattwiller, you make sure your baby drinks perfectly pure low mineral content water.

Why should I choose nitrate free water for my baby?

75% of a baby’s body is made up of water, and their daily requirements are considerable: 100 to 150 ml of water per kg, i.e. half a liter for a 5kg baby. Water to be consumed by babies must not have a nitrate content in excess of 10mg/l. So it is better to use nitrate free water for feeding bottles and when hydrating new-born babies.




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